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Service Call

Switch stopped working, outlet lost power, light is not turning on? - contact us and one of our electricians will be assigned to your service call. 

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What is a service call? Service call is a visit of an electrician to diagnose and repair a problem.

Where to start and what to expect? First read below What to do before placing request. If nothing from the list below worked place a request for service call using form on the main page. We will assign available electrician to your service call. Electrician will contact you within a day to schedule the visit.  Please note that we are a construction company with standard work hours and on the weekdays only. If repair is urgent you may have to contact a company that specializing in maintenance and have 24-hour 7-days service.

Is there a minimum charge? There is a minimum charge for the service call. The amount of the minimum charge can be obtained from the electrician. The fee charged for a service call is meant to cover common expenses associated with each service call, such as travel expenses and travel time, service vehicle expenses, and labor expenses. In most cases problem solved without and additional charge. However, if more work and/or additional materials are required, the electrician will provide you with a verbal or written estimate. After you accept the proposed estimate, the electrician will proceed to complete the job. An invoice will be emailed to you upon completion.

What to do before placing service call request?

If power is missing power in one or more outlets - you need to unplug what you have just plugged in and try to find tripped GFCI outlet nearby or tripped circuit breaker in the panel. Try to reset the GFCI outlet or the circuit breaker.

How to Reset a GFCI Outlet (

How To Identify and Reset a Tripped Circuit Breaker (

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